Monday, March 3, 2008

Guess Whose Turn It Was To Be Sick?

That's right, it was me! I'm finally back, but what a few days that was. As expected, taking care of sick wife = constant close proximity + germs = SICK! So when I woke up on Wednesday and my throat felt like a softball-sized urchin had been placed in it, I knew I was in for a rough patch. The worst of it was when I woke up on Friday and almost felt normal. I thought it would pass, but the weekend had other plans.

Last weekend, I went to Montjuic and hung out at the art museum. This weekend, I crawled in bed and stayed there. If you come to Barcelona, I recommend the former. To add insult to injury, the weather this weekend was gorgeous, I'm told. Not that the weather here had been bad, but it's been low 50s-ish and today it was grey and misty. Saturday and Sunday? 70 and sunny.

But, I'm ready for a good week. This week sees the return leg of the Barça/Celtic Champions league clash (Barça leads 3-2 and would need something of a meltdown to be eliminated for reasons I'll discuss later), prep for trimester exams (for my students), and clean the apartment. Also, I need to finish my current book, Richard Dawkins' A Devil's Chaplain so that I can reread The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which I'm discussing with my advanced class next Thursday. (I'll plug the book again; it's the best piece of fiction I've read in years and you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't pick it up.) Hopefully by then my next book, The World Without Us will have arrived in the mail, but international post being what it is, I give it a 50/50 shot. It's a wonderful world when much of your to-do list consists of books.

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