Thursday, March 6, 2008

¡Infección, infección!

Yes, that is what the doctor proclaimed after looking in my throat and loudly exclaiming, "¡Uf!" As I am ordered bed rest for the next few days (which I have also interpreted to mean couch rest), I thought I should catch up on the blog. (On a somewhat related note, I also plan to *finally* put some pictures up on Flickr.)

This is my second illness in the past month, though I think this one is related to the nasty bout of flu I had a few weeks ago. Needless to say, these past few weeks haven't been all that exciting, as I have either been sick, recovering, or taking care of Jake when he caught the flu. However, the past two weekends have been gorgeous and Jake and I have been able to take advantage of the nice weather and explore the outdoors a bit--going to the botanical gardens, the nearby gardens of Putxet, and visiting Montjuic. Work is good--things with the study abroad program have been busy as there are 30 students this term, but the students are a good bunch of kids. My English lessons have been going really well--two of my students who had previously been failing English received very good grades on their latest exams, so I am quite pleased.

Basically, aside from illness, life here in Barcelona is good. I am hoping to be fully recovered in time for our spring break trip to France!

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