Monday, April 28, 2008

And... We're Back

Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth there, but it's been a busy month. Few things to update you on, though. First, Susie was sick for two weeks, so her sickness and my care duties prevented us from posting.

Also, random articles that I posted on the blog have a new home:, also known as It Came From the Interweb! Posting here has been non-existent, but posting there is fairly steady.

Barça is playing the second leg of their Champions League Semi-Final tomorrow against Manchester United at Old Trafford. The first game was a 0-0 tie, so Man U can only advance with a win. Barça automatically advances with a win, any draw but 0-0, or a penalty shoot-out victory. Since Barcelona was eliminated from winning the Liga championship, this match is huge with a capital HUGE.

More soon, but I wanted to let you know... we're not dead!

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