Monday, April 28, 2008

In Need of a Patron

So I just found out that I'm a groomsman in my best friend's wedding in September. Good news, right? Well, it turns out there's a problem. Before finding out about my groomsman duties, Susie and I had mapped out our summer travel. I was coming home for my brother's graduation and a July return to Chicago/St. Louis, in which much would take place. Plane tickets being as expensive as they are, this was pretty much our summer travel budget. So, I'm faced with a conundrum.

The obvious choice seems to be to skip the July trip or the wedding. Both are totally unfair. On one hand, I don't want to miss my friend's wedding. We've known each other for half our lives, and he stood in my wedding. On the other hand, skipping out on three weeks with Susie, seeing our respective families, and missing things like the Cardinals, Fire, Lollapalooza, etc. for what will be a "get in, get out" trip (the wedding is after school starts, so I'll be teaching) seems unfair to the people mentioned in this scenario. Not to mention I'll be begging off a family trip I promised Susie I'd make three times and have begged off of three times. This would be time number four.

So, being one who likes creative solutions to everything, I figure I have two options that have not yet hit the table.

Option 1 - Get a patron. It worked for Descartes, Leibniz, Brahe, and Mozart. Said patron would buy me a ticket to get to St. Louis for my friend's wedding. In return, I would (I don't know) do philosophy for this person, and when I make my lasting mark on academia, my patron will be remembered for their support.

Option 2 - Do something crazy for money. Did you ever watch I Bet You Will? Ever see the Million Dollar Webpage? I'm willing to get a group of people to chip in money for me to do something crazy (but safe, non-scarring, etc.), provided the money raised will allow me to cover my travel plans for the summer.

Here's what I want from you: either let me know that you'll just straight up be my patron, throw me some ideas regarding what I can do, or let me know that you'll sponsor me in whatever crazy endeavor I go after. I'm counting on you, internets!

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