Friday, December 21, 2007

"Random" Update of "Conglomeration"

A few random, unrelated things to toss out into the Blogosphere:
  • I haven't written about Barça in a while, but they keep on truckin'. Today they had their Champions League knockout round draw, and will face my other favorite European team, Celtic F.C. More to come on that subject, I think.
  • Jason Kottke has a link to the 30 Best Blogs That You're (Maybe) Not Reading. The funniest is the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. You should "totally" check it out.
  • This weekend features the Classico here in Barcelona, which will be the best sporting event of Christmas week, lesser-bowl-games-be-damned. Barcelona vs. Madrid "for the soul of Spain," as Esquire once put it. Since there's no World Cup or Euro this year, and the US/Mexico Gold Cup final was above average, but not spectacular, this has the potential to be the Game of the Year. Definitely more to come on this one.
  • Pizza Party Tonight! Woo!!!!
  • J&S is closing in on its 100th Postiversary. Soon, we will be eligible for syndication* on KPLR.
*I maligned my spelling of "syndication" so badly that Firefox wanted to correct it as "redacted". Oof.

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