Friday, December 28, 2007

That Was Scary

[warning - nerdage to follow]

almost the scene of disaster

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to installing Thunderbird on my Mac, missing the halcyon days of a dedicated email program. Now that it's running, it's fantastic. But, I got word that there is a Firefox 3 beta out, and I was curious to test it.

I downloaded it and couldn't get it to open, so in my haste, I trashed my copy of Firefox 2. For whatever reason, version 3 isn't happening on the Mac Lappy, so I gave up when I remembered...

All of my stuff was on Firefox 2. And I trashed it.

Grad school research, bookmarks, toolbars, search preferences, everything. And when you trash something on a Mac, it's like it never existed. But let it be said that Mozilla rocks. Mozilla knew I might do something rash/stupid. It backed up my stuff. I re-downloaded v.2 and everything was there waiting for me. Phew.


Dan said...


I use the Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE). I use it on my work computer only since that is where I use Firefox the most. I have it set so that every day at 3:30, it takes about 30 seconds to backup everything in my Firefox, and I do mean everything. It then saves that little profile as a file, which I in turn keep on my jump drive, just in case.

It's also nice because I can then load my entire work profile on my computer at home. Firefox is great because you can have multiple profiles. For example, when we start it up, it asks if I am Dan or Alison. Alison's Firefox is different than mine. That way we can maintain separate bookmarks, histories, etc.

I love FEBE. It saved me when I got a new computer at work and they had taken my old one away overnight. I had my entire Firefox Environment backed up, so I just downloaded a new Firefox, loaded my profile, and I was back in less than a minute. Awesome.

Get that haircut!

Dan said...

I forgot to add the link to FEBE!

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