Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's, Blind Nil Style

note the stylish new Barça robe

What's up, 2008? We rang you in in style here in the BCN, watching fireworks from our balcony (Three and a half different displays! Tibidabo, Plaça Espanya, the beach, and some flares from a cruise ship) while eating our New Year's grapes. Apparently, the thing to do in Catalunya is to eat one grape for each chime of midnight on New Year's. Since there's a church in the plaça we live in, we rocked the uvas del año nuevo.

Today consisted of brunch at the hotel (Susie's parents are visiting), a chat with the family in St. Louis, and spades & cava. I caught some flak from my partner/mother-in-law for bidding nil early in the game, but redeemed myself by going blind nil on the last hand and picking it up for 250 points.

Tomorrow promises to be exciting, cause Ron and I are GOING TO THE BARÇA GAME!! Yes, I saw them at Espanyol for my birthday, but this is at the Camp Nou. Oh, and speaking of Espanyol, we're also going to the Espanyol vs. Villareal game on Saturday night. I call it a good week when one of the football matches you were looking forward to gets canceled* and you still get to go to two matches.

More later!

*Old Firm got called off out of respect for the death of Motherwell's Phil O'Donnell, who died of a heart attack on the pitch last Sunday. O'Donnell played five seasons for Celtic.


Dan said...

Happy New Year! Grapes!

Mrz. Lawyer said...

It's too bad there's no Sparky at Barca games, so my dad can't complain about him. But I wonder who he'll call a son of a bitch...

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