Monday, January 14, 2008

What the Hill?

I love seeing Okham's Razor being used in popular media. For those not familiar, William of Okham came up with a very handy way of cutting through faulty thinking way back in the 14th century. He said that the simplest explanation is most often the truth.

Take Talking Points Memo's observation regarding Hillary Clinton and her surrogates' race baiting:

We seem to be at the point where there are now two credible possibilities. One is that the Clinton campaign is intentionally pursuing a strategy of using surrogates to hit [Barack] Obama with racially-charged language or with charges that while not directly tied to race nonetheless play to stereotypes about black men. The other possibility is that the Clinton campaign is extraordinarily unlucky and continually finds its surrogates stumbling on to racially-charged or denigrating language when discussing Obama.

The simplest explanation, my friends...

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