Sunday, January 20, 2008

They Both Win?

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton won the Nevada caucus by about a 50-45-4% margin, as I'm sure you're aware. But apparently, Barack Obama also won the Nevada caucus, claiming 13 at large delegates to Hillary's 12.


As Political Radar explains,

The Obama campaign is claiming this delegate victory because of the proportional manner in which Nevada awards district delegates, especially in the state's rural 2nd Congressional District.

On a conference call with reporters, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and Obama director of delegate selection Jeff Berman explained that Obama had the majority in districts where there were odd numbers of delegates and therefore he won the majority of delegate seats.

Clinton won in areas where there were even numbers of delegates by a narrow margin and so those delegate seats were split evenly.

I'm starting to understand the case for a national primary. This is confusing.

For those of you keeping score, it's Clinton 203 - Obama 148 (including superdelegates).

Haha! Superdelegates.

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