Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meanwhile, in Spain... (Part II)

I voted today. Susie came home from the university and found our absentee ballots in the mailbox. Jeez, I thought I was just going to pick a candidate for president and be done with it. DuPage County had other ideas.

I voted for:
DEMOCRATIC nominee for president (including Dodd, Biden, Richardson and Kucinich)
DELEGATES to the DEMOCRATIC convention (along with which candidate they support - didn't I just vote for that?)
DEMOCRATIC nominee for IL-6
DEMOCRATIC nominee for county board
Do I favor a DuPage County quarter-cent sales tax raise?

I actually ended up abstaining from a couple of the choices, since I didn't have enough information to cast an informed ballot, but according to my tabulation, in the delegate rich state of Illinois, Barack Obama leads all challengers 1-0-0 with 0.0% of precincts reporting.

Also, Illinois is a closed primary state, so I'm officially a member of the Democratic Party, though I strongly considered affiliating myself with the Party Party.

I don't know what it is about voting, but it always makes me feel good. I feel like I'm helping to steer the course of America, or something. Yeah, it's nerdy in that patriotic sort of way, but it's why America rocks. That's why I get bent out of shape with Hillary trying to steal delegates or Dubya stealing the election.

Oh, and if you ever wonder why states like New Hampshire and South Carolina still say 99% reporting, it's apparently because of us dumbass expatriates. Some of us don't vote in a timely manner/foreign post can be kind of spotty, so teacher gives us an extension, even though you can drop your ballot off at the nearest consulate for free postage back to your home state. To combat our idiocy, the Democrats are having a Democrats Abroad online primary this year, but it's only good for 11 delegates. I'll vote in Illinois, thank you.

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