Monday, September 10, 2007

13 days later...

Well, we´ve arrived safe and sound. Things in the beginning we rough. It was VERY warm when we arrived and we had to wait 90 minutes for the person who had the keys to come to the apartment to let us in. But once we were in the apartment we were quite content. We had rented a piso (apartment) for 2 weeks from a woman who was travelling to the US. It was a great set up because it was furnished, had sheets and towels, all the appliances, and was in a great location. Basically, it felt like a home. Once we arrived we took care of the necessities (showering, finding food, getting cell phones, etc.) and then began the apartment search. We decided that we wanted to stay in the same area (the Gràcia neighborhood), and eventually we found a piso about 5 blocks from where we had been staying. We moved in this weekend and are qorking to make it feel like home.

I began work last week, and most of the work consisted of getting things ready for the students´arrival. Thet students arrive this week and then we have orientation. I am told orientation is busy, but is the most stressful time, so I´m glad to be getting the stress out early.

Overall, life in Spain is good. Or as they say here, la vida es chula.

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