Thursday, September 27, 2007

26 Things

Well, it's not September 28th yet where you are, perhaps, but it is here in Barcelona. For those of you that don't have Facebook (and its handy reminders), today is Susie's 26th birthday. Unfortunately, she's en route to Chicago without me for a wedding, so we can't celebrate properly until she's back and recovered from jet lag.

So, in the meantime, here are 26 things I love about Susie:

1) Her reasoning process has two settings - "Cold Logic" and "No Logic"
2) Her smile
3) She's a dork, but an awesome dork
4) She sings like no one is listening (cause sometimes she forgets I'm there)
5) She takes care of me when I'm sick or having a bad day
6) She gets nervous before she flies
8) She gets embarrassed when you compliment her
9) She makes a mean quesadilla
10) Refuses to purchase a belt
11) She speaks Spanish
12) She's cute when she sleeps (as long as you don't try to wake her up!)
13) Was willing to pack up and move to Barcelona
14) Her funny story voices
15) Takes photos of herself
16) She's a vegetarian, but doesn't cringe when I eat raw meat
18) Calls Catalan streets by their Spanish names
19) Has rockin' musical taste
20) Puts up with my online poker
21) Learned to play online poker (and might be better than me)
22) Puts up with my endless, profanity-laced tirades at Fire games
23) Dislikes Chad Barrett
24) Participates in theme roadtrips each October and March*
25) Has started letting the boys in on said get togethers
26) Inexplicably married me

Happy birthday, Susie!

*on an unrelated note, I propose [vulgar title of March trip] III: Crema Catalana!

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