Thursday, September 20, 2007

Barça Update: Now THAT was convincing!

I'm not going to lie. Barça was a big draw for me to move here. I don't know about Susie, but I was sold. I mean, it's Barça for crying out loud. So, I'm going to provide F.C. Barcelona commentary as the season progresses, because I can. Unfortunately, their season hasn't exactly been the stuff of legend thus far - two nil-nil draws and a win off of a set piece & a penalty. Not even a goal from open play yet this season. The only highlight has been the Italian bar we've been watching the games at (more on that another time). Until last night.

Last night was the Champions League opener, and Barça decided to show up. Too bad for Lyon. After Barça went up 1-0 on a Lyon own-goal (read: colossal screw up), they tightened the screws and just straight up shelled the Lyon keeper until the final whistle. Final score 3-0. I don't even think Lyon recorded a shot on goal, so it was sporting of Barcelona to let them score, even if it was in the wrong net.

**Quick digression those who don't know - to qualify for the Champions League, you have to finish in the upper portion of your domestic league. Hence the Champions. Barça finished first second last year. 32 teams get sorted into random groups of four who play each other home and home. Hence the League. The best two from each group advance to a playoff tournament with the remaining teams until one team is the champion of Europe and, by popular acclaim, the world. End digression**

The bar was going nuts. It was so packed that I didn't get my salame pizza until the 80th minute, when I ordered it before half time. That's bad, because it's the best pizza ever. Period. Susie didn't get her slightly less delicious quatro queso pizza until the final whistle. This meant we had to stay and watch more futbol. Yeah, I know. Rough life.

So, in conclusion:

Pizza + Beer + Solid Barça performance = Good way to spend a Wednesday night.

Group E Standings
Barcelona / 3 Points / +3
Rangers / 3 Points / +2
Stuttgart/ 0 Points / -2
Lyon / 0 Points / -3

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