Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Barça Update: Messi SMASH!

Did you know they have a Soccer Fan application on Facebook? I only have one favorite player listed right now, and he was averaging a goal every seven minutes for a glorious 28 minute span (the last 17 minutes of Saturday's game and the first eleven of tonight's). Who is this man among boys? I'll give you a hint: His name starts with "L" and ends with "eo Messi".

Messi 2 - Zaragoza 1.
Oh, and Barça scored two more, too.

Sadly, I didn't get to watch the game. Susie's going back to the states for a friend's wedding, and we decided to spend time together in a non-bar setting. It's a safe bet I'll be hanging around YouTube in the near future.

What I was able to figure out from ESPN GameCast and the shouting out our window was that this game was over right quick, and again it came with only two of the Fantastic Four on the pitch - Ronaldinho's expected back Wednesday for the Champions League tilt against VfB Stuttgart and Eto'o expected back... sometime. When that happens, look out! But for now, here are the standings:

1) Villareal / 4-1-0 / 12 points / +3*
2) Valencia / 4-1-0 / 12 points / +1
3) F.C. Barcelona / 3-0-2 / 11 points / +6
4) Real Madrid / 3-0-1 / 10 points / +8
5)Atlético Madrid 2-1-2 / 8 points / +5

* Pelé Sez: Congratulations to Villareal! The Submarine top the Spanish Primera table for the first time in their 84 year history. Incredibly, the could keep this position for only 24 hours, as a torrid Real Madrid play a struggling Real Betis tomorrow at the Bernabéu. As for Barça, expect them to find themselves back in fourth this time tomorrow. The only way they can stay in third is if Real Madrid loses, since Madrid have the better goal differential. I don't see them losing, and I'm Pelé, so you should listen to me. Love! Love! Love!

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