Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Culture Points Acquired in Spain

So imagine that you've moved to a new country with a totally different culture. Pretty cool, right? Well now that you're there, what sort of cultural experiences would you like to have? See the sights? Take in a foreign film? See a concert? Sample the local cuisine?

Well, with the exception of the local cuisine (and maybe some of the sights), yours truly has been a Big, Fat American since arrival. Didn't really realize it until today, though. Sure, I've been to the Parc Güell, Lloret de Mar, and Tossa de Mar. I'm eating like a Spaniard, right down to dinner at 10:00 p.m. (and my body has thanked me by dropping a couple). But here's a quick rundown of things I've seen/read for the first time since arriving:

The Bourne Supremacy
Clear and Present Danger
Patriot Games
The French Connection
Grey's Anatomy
Season Four
Knocked Up
The Assault on Reason

At least Dubliners, which now resides on my nightstand, is Irish. My literary musings have finally crossed the pond. Susie found me an English language bookstore that is both awesome and terrifying. Awesome because in my first real visit secured two excellent books, the aforementioned Patriot Games and Dubliners, and terrifying in that I can see my book habit getting bad. But I need some Spanish culture, here. Maybe next up should be Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon, which is available at the Knox office at the University. Other suggestions for some English language Spanish culture like reading?

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Dan said...

I know they aren't "spanish" in the sense they are from Spain, but I love reading Pablo Neruda's poetry and anything by Jorge Luis Borges. They're both Argentinian, but I find them to be required reading.

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