Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh, The Humanity!

A team of experts examines the ruins of my Fantasy Football season.

What's the difference between the Wright Tackles and the St. Louis Rams? I at least have one win, while the Rams continue working towards that 0-16 mark. Unfortunately, that's little consolation, as the everything happened that needed to in order to transform my Fantasy Football season into the season from hell.

1) I lost. Again.
2) The 10th place team won, passing me on points scored.
3) Susie won, keeping her in 1st place amongst the Powder Puffers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Susie. But I have to look at this while she cheerily gives me unsolicited Fantasy advice. Which I have taken. I am now officially accepting advice on fake sports from my wife. But hey, when your league looks like this, what would you do?


The quarterback carousel continues. Vianney's own Trent Green and Chad Pennington are gone, replaced by Brian Griese and Jay Cutler (both Susie suggestions). Other than that, the suckitude continues on a massive scale.

But there's hope for the future. Marc Bulger returns this week, I'm actually somehow favored to win, and I'm technically not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I'm just eliminated in that Tampa Bay Devil Rays in June sort of way. Here's hoping for the future.

Post Script: It seems the reason I'm favored by 15 has something to do with my opponent not yet subbing for the three players he has who have bye weeks this Sunday. I'm sure that by kickoff, I'll once again be the dog.

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