Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Long time, no blog

Well, it's about time I posted again, eh? Funny thing is this blog was my idea and I was worried that it would only be me posting and Jake wouldn't post at all. And now Jake gives me crap about my lack of posting. My how the tables have turned.

And it's not like I haven't been busy or anything. I had a weekend trip to Chicago, which was exhilarating and exhausting. I had a birthday. I had a weekend trip with the program to two beuatiful towns, Lloret de Mar and Tossa. And in the meantime, I've been working and trying to live it up here in Barcelona.

Fall certainly isn't the same here as it is in the States. The weather is similar: warm days, cool nights, and the occasional rain. But the thing I miss the most is the crunching of leaves under my feet. And the smell of fall. But the fact that I can take a swim in the Medeterranean Sea in October and not be freezing kind of makes up for the lack of Fall.

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