Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hillary Takes The Stage

It's not spelled Missourah, Hill.

Interesting video from MSNBC. I clicked on it because it said that Hillary would talk about her fundraising "loan" that she made before Super Tuesday. But, about a minute into it, during the obligatory "no, we won last night" comments, she talks about Missouri. Couple observations.

First, she calls it Missour-ah. It's Missour-ee, for Pete's sake. Get it right.
She talks about how she took 110 of 115 counties in Missouri-ah and says this is a victory because these rural, low population counties are traditionally Republican counties. (This explains the Missour-ah comments, since that's what the outstaters call Missouri.) But her campaign is trying to belittle Obama's victories in Idaho, Utah, Kansas, Alaska, etc. by saying that they were victories in rural, Republican areas.* You can't have it both ways. Either you lost the Democratic strongholds in Missouri, bellwether of the nation, or you can't belittle Obama's victories. Your pick, and it looks like it's door #2.

Oh, and MSNBC's video player is sweet.

*From Clinton's campaign memo today:
Sen. Obama, in contrast, won with large margins in Alabama and Georgia, two states that have been in the Republican column in the last two elections. He also won with large margins in a string of caucus states with comparatively fewer voters – Alaska, Idaho, Utah, and Kansas – and have also been in the Republican column. Of course, he won his home state.

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