Monday, February 18, 2008

Radio Silence

Sorry for last week's radio silence. The week was basically spent caring for a sick Susie, who has just now recovered enough to go back to work.

But, a brief recap of the last week or so.

Last weekend - Cal├žotada and monastery trip. Definitely a separate entry on that one. And SFA Picnic types, I'm looking for a way to reproduce the cal├žot experience in the states.

On Valentine's Day, we were going to go out for a nice romantic dinner. But Susie was sick, so it didn't happen.

Most of the week was spent watching Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, which I purchased using an iTunes gift card I got as a Christmas present.

Oh, and the drainage tube from the washing machine came unsealed from the drain pipe, leaving us with a flooded bathroom and hallway. The handyman is coming to fix it.

But tonight is the big fantasy baseball draft. Start time: 3:00 AM here in Barcelona. My students are going to wonder what happened to me tomorrow. Woo! It's also the start of a big week.

Tonight: fantasy baseball draft.
Tomorrow: recover.
Wednesday: Barcelona @ Celtic. Also, Adam's birthday.
Thursday: Knox fancy pants dinner. Also, lunar eclipse.
Friday: Recover. Perhaps belated romantic dinner with the Missus.
Saturday: So help me, I'm going to MNAC.

More soon!


Mrz. Lawyer said...

I don't think *I* should/could ever be called a missus. That's just weird.

bcnjake said...

Your blogger name is Missus. Well, technically Missuz...

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